What do people know about history?

It has been nearly a milenium since Makvio the Woodwalker led his band of elves through the southern forests of Feyvail, emerging into the bountiful lands of Geldrick. As they began to settle these new lands, they came across creatures previously foreign to them. First were the short, joyous people of the Hafhelm plains. Then were the rugged and aloof half-men of what would come to be known as the Ironspine Mountains. Finally, they came into contact with a group of creatures on a similar migration north. These creatures, humans as they called themselves, were close in appearance to them, though they were hardier and more ambitious. A friendship was struck, and the two bands of travelers settled the lands of Geldrick together. However, as the human generations quickly came and went, so too did their relationship with their elven brethren.

The discovery of gold deposits in the Ironspine proved to be the turning point. Humans, being prone to gathering material wealth in their short lifespans, began to flood north to search for gold. They fought and killed Dwarven clansmen, driving them south into the foothills. As the elven communities of Geldrick watched the ways in which the humans so carelessly plundered both life and nature, Makvio (now nearly 600 years old) grew worried. He urged in council with the Geldrick leaders to stop the advance of their people but their ears were too full of golden earrings and their hands too weighed down with golden rings. Soon elves began to protest, refusing to work and staging protests across the cities and towns of Geldrick. As the economy stood on the brink, tensions grew and small outbreaks of violence began occurring. Finally, while peacefully confronting a mob of Geldrickian humans in the streets of ?, Makvio was shot down by an arrow. The elves marching with him took arms and charged the humans, killing nearly 100 men while losing only around 30 of their own before retreating.

The act was viewed by King Ered Goortell as an act of war by the elves. He raised his levies and began his attack on elvish communities. While they fought back strongly, the elves were vastly outnumbered. In a declaration, King Ered announced that any elf who laid down their arms to the Geldrickians and declared loyalty to his crown would be spared. With little other choice, many elven families did just that. They were sent to be held in small guarded areas outside of the capital of ?. What became clear soon after was that King Ered had no intention of forgiving the elves. Quickly and systematically, the elves (men, women, and children alike) in these camps were slaughtered. As news spread to those still fighting, the elves realized that to survive, they and to retreat back into the forests that Makvio has traversed so long ago.

However, word had also traveled south to the other human kingdoms. The kingdoms of Roost, Estria, and the Hornlands joined together to end the genocide in Geldrick. Unfortunately, the massive size of Geldrick and it’s vast iron reserves made it a formidable foe. But a young Roosteir named Tavius Varo rose within the ranks of the alliances army. He won battles that should not have been won, and coordinated an advance that pinned the Geldrickian army against the impenetrable forest of Makvio. Eventually Tavius Varo slayed Aldred Goortell, King Ered’s son, on the field of battle, and Geldrick finally surrendered. The Varo family has ruled ever since in Varolest (Roost, Geldrick, and Silvet). The family has the high seat on the Alliance council (The Hornlands, Estria, Varolest).

The latest rule of King Sutavius Varo has seen decline in the kingdom because of ?. Expanding poverty, crime, and factions. Has tried to stay just, but as he has aged he began to lose hold of the Kingdom. As he entered senility, his son Taviun Varo took over. He established an iron first style that began putting down dissent, discriminating against certain races (Mostly dragon born), and enacting strict laws. While the immediate effect has been an unsteady peace, it is obvious that the seams of the alliance and kingdom are ripping.

Currently, PCs are part of an organization, whose members function as information gatherers and enforcers for the King.